August 15,2017

Content marketing not anymore remains a sideshow as it has benefitted both B2B and B2C companies to ascend up the success ladder. Well-written content and good quality visuals will help you in engaging more readers either your website, social media or blogs. It can become a very powerful marketing tool to make your visitors patronize to your websites.

The major objective of content marketing is to cognizant your customers/users about your brand, products or schemes with the help truly relevant and useful content. Your traditional approach of marketing is becoming less effective with every passing year, but being the forward thinking marketer, you must accept the most impressive approach for increasing your sales, cost savings and more importantly in acquiring better loyal customers. The content is coeval and forthcoming of Marketing strategy.

This year, 2017, has brought many impressive trends that will make your business well known among the already and new users.

Below mentioned are some content marketing trends to follow in 2017:

1. Virtual Reality v/s Augmented Reality

The Snapchat filters or Instagram stories are not turning old any soon, implementing such augmented reality tools into your content marketing strategy will help your content to reach even those people who prefer to stay in their ‘bubble’. Industries such as Healthcare, entertainment, and retail can achieve benefits from this technology.

In adversary, Virtual Reality develops more credible, real time, and fabulously compelling content that pursue the trail of storytelling, which many people find interesting and more engaging.

2. Organic Reach have Died the Paid Death

To make your content reach to an expansive range of visitors or readers in accordance to help your business achieve tremendous traffic, you need to make efforts to cater to your customers round the clock. Paid promotions on social media and reputed search engines will completely replace the organic reach trend in the year of 2017. Paid advertisements assures that your brand must own a good presence across channels, throwing a constant reminder to your audience.

Make sure that you’re well set to voyage easily with the mentioned content marketing trends in 2017.

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